Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Recent goings on

So its been a while huh. Well all kinds of stuff has been going on around here. I have decided to skip out on the convention mostly because I have lost my job. So its not an expense I can afford right now. im sure it will be great and alot of the local group are going so I wish them luck.
The escalation leauge is starting up on tuesday and I dont even have a hard set of rules yet. This system I have come up with has been blasted and broken by the local players so Im revanping again. If you are going to participate in the leauge expect a full write up on the rules by this weekend.
Oh and I dont have the internet at my house yet, so Im writing this on a friends computer and it will continue this way for the forseeable future. Sorry guys Im frustrated about this too.
On a positive note in the last local tourniment we had I was voted best hobbiest and had the player choice army with my deathwing. So at last after 10 years of gaming my skills have finaly gotten up there. At least in the local scene.

Well thats it for now guys till next time