Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another week of gaming

We had a 2k point 40k campaign day at the store this Saturday and I played my Khorne dogs. Overall it was a great fun day not being to competitive and when it was over the forces of chaos won by a single battle point. WHOOOO!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

OK I've made a decision

I have ddecided to get off the bench and finaly choose a game system to get into besides GW and here it is.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I cant belive I forgot this...

In my quest for GW knock off products i completely forgot some of the things I have been involved in for quite some time.

Friday, May 20, 2011

GW admits to blatent stealing from the australians

Well over on my favorite site to browse 3++ is the new black someone from the Australian wing of GW decided to try and explain their position on the trade embargo they are imposing on the European independents. Here is the letter

Little update in case you haven heard about it yet. GW has decided to stop all independents in Europe from having overseas sales. Now that doesn't sound to devious right, I mean there are retailers there too right. Well kiddies there are but it seems that the plastic they make there is gold plated. Don't believe me Check out GW AU prices... The exchange rate is currently $1 American = $1.697 Australian

So that tactical squad there for $63 Australian would be like us paying $66.33 American for it. (you thought the 15%-20% increase was bad...)

So the letter says that the Australian dollar has gotten stronger by leaps and bounds over the rest of the world. Then it goes on to say that they don't care because they "know" what the exchange rate "should" be and that is why they are forcing Australians to pay their ridiculously inflated prices.

"But Fitz your an American?" i hear you ask.

Yes I am an American and I don't feel the sting as much as the Aussies down south. But I also believe in treating people fairly and just doing right. This nicely worded letter can be summed up in plain lingo.


Well GW.... I don't know what to say. I have 3 unfinished armies sitting here that, lets face it, are just not going to be completed this fiscal year. Good luck with that profit thing I hear so much about.

Reading the comments on 3++ and people trying to give resolutions to the issue I thought of something. If the player base supports it why doesn't GW open a plant down south? I might be talking out of my ass here as there might not be near as many players there as I think there are, but like I said if the community is large enough to support it why not set up shop and get around the trade tariffs?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

alternate minis list

Mantic Games
orcs dwarfs chaos dwarfs elves and undead, all for fantasy

Wargames Factory
Sci-fi infantry (IG) zombies,zulus, calvary, cheap

Privateer press
Warmachine, need i say more

Warlord games
WWII men and tanks

Studio miniatures
German Zombies!!!

Soda Pop Miniatures
Animae style single minis for independent characters

Female special ops, blow up doll zombies...., Gunny Bunners(playboy bunnies with guns)

Squat IG officers, armor bearers, SM alternative, Dwarf characters

Wargames Foundry
Sells hordes of dudes, swat teams, gangers

Dust tactics from fantasy flight games
Sells tank mechs (I think they are sweet) and men in 5 man boxes for around $15

Cant find prices on this stuff because they don't sell online but it looks good

Just some of the ones that have been around for a while and their prices are lower or on par with GW. Have a look through the net I'm sure you will find allot of things that spark your interest.

I think it's safe to say "nail meet coffin" on this one.

GW news

Some news of the rage over the future price hikes by GW and their embargo of the southern hemisphere.

a little over 3 hours ago the GW facebook page had some feedback to all of the comments flooding their page.

It states that the web team has acknowledged the feelings of the gaming public and they have no control over the issue. They stated that they have brought this to the attention of the leadership and that they will now be deleting comments about the issue in all but the 2 threads that have already been flooded with comments.

The comments in the 2 topics seem to be growing at a exponential rate and there is no telling how many other comments have been deleted. They seem to be posting many more comments than usual in an attempt to get the fan feedback off of the initial screen.

I have been compiling a list of other manufacturers that produce similar models that can be used in place of the GW minis. I will post that list later in the day.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The news of the day

So I was waiting around for the other shoe to drop and it finally has.

Friday, May 13, 2011

This is what happens when I open my mouth

So I awoke this morning to find a video in my inbox. Have no idea who the person was who sent it to me but I think I get their point.

Hundreds of dollars, hundreds of hours, so much effort, and they want me to have a sense of humor.

Monday, May 9, 2011

God I hate the grey knights....

Why you may ask. Because they F up my whole universe.

I was working today and started thinking about the grey knights. I got so worked up listing off the things they have that swing the games in their favor that I was fuming for about 4 hours.

What follows is a list compiled by me. This is strictly my opinion as a dark eldar player and as a warning there will be foul language as I feel strongly about this. (by the end I'm in full talking to myself mode)

Before you hit that button YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The big game cometh

Well the 2.5k tourney is next weekend and I believe that this will be some of my last competitive 40k for a while. With the release of the new codexes and some real life changes coming (for the better) I think I will graciously bow out of the tourney scene for a while.
I'm still going to run the local 2k games but I will pick and choose my games based more on fun factor than fighting for a coveted first place prize.

So one more game, one more chance for glory.
Here's the list

HQ The duke
HQ 2x haemonculus with venom blades and liquifier guns (goes with the wych squads)

Elite 3x 4 trueborn with blasters in venom with 2x splinter cannons

Troops 3x 10 warriors with blaster in raider with flickerfields
Troop 9xwarriors with blaster in raider with flickerfield (the Duke squad)
Troop 2x 9 wyches with 1 shardnet in raider with flickerfields and disintigrator

Fast 2x6 Reavers with 2 heatlances

Heavy Ravager with flickerfield
Heavy 2x raver with flickerfield and 3 disintigrators

2497 points
12 vehicles
26 kill points (god I hope there is no killpoint scenario)

Like I said I will go and try and have fun, but alas I believe I have burnt the candle at both ends of 40k gaming for too long and it is time for retirement. Maybe I'll focus on the hobby side of things for a while. I still love the world of 40k and I want to branch out in other ways. Play some battlefleet gothic, play some necromunda, maybe even do a dark heresy campaign.

I will continue the posts here and at the paintin table but it will branch out a bit and like allot of sports icons, Ill stay retired, unless the money is right...

Oh and Capinzak if you read this YES is the answer to the question you have in you head right now, yes, yes and even a kinda.