Thursday, September 29, 2011

Game 2 report

Some pics of the long car ride there.

Taken as the sun came up.
a hour later
another hour later
almost in Miami. Driving through the everglades is a little boring....
Right before I took this shot the GPS said I was 3 feet above sea level.
Finally I get there a half hour early, all alone assembling my true born that decided to dance all over my truck bed.

Alright enough about the trip. On to game 2.

Ok did I mention how much I hated the terrain? I couldn't simulate how small the pieces were in vassel. It doesn't have pathetically small pieces like they had there. So rant off here it is.

So here's the map. 3 small ruins, a pipe, and a tower in one deployment zone. I won the roll chose to go first, and took the lower deployment zone.

So I scrunched up everything behind that tower with the beasts on the flanks. Then the grey knight player said hes reserving everything.

Here's a shot of me zooming around during the first 2 turns so I can get cover saves. It also shows the terrain in all of its glory. I think its sad when my can of chew could double the cover saves on the board.

So after zooming around here's where I ended up when he got to drop in. Everything has cover from going so fast and the beast squads are there to extend the bubble he cant drop safely in.

So he rolls and two units of terminators come in on the flanks. His shooting isn't so effective bouncing off of flickerfields and immobilizing one venom.

So from splintercannons and the beasts charging the terminators evaporated. Yay for rending.

Now the rest of his army shows up. The storm raven belches out the purifiers, another unit of terminators, the paladins and grand master drop in, then the strike squad falls in between them. Game on!
The shooting blows a raider, immobilises another vemon and bounced off a lot of flickerfields.

So in this turn... Wrecked the storm raven with a blaster round from the trueborn, splinter rounds dropped over half of the purifiers, Then in the assault the beasts on the left assaulted and broke the terminators. The beasts on the right assaulted what was left of the purifiers and oops i forgot about the flame power. I lost half on the way in, killed 2 purifiers and he killed 3 more beasts. I lost by 8... dammit. Well they broke and ran while he swept toward the right flank to engage my trueborn.
The terminators keep running. The palidins and strike squad move up and started blasting. Blowing 2 raiders and a venom.
Moved the beasts to escort the terminators off the board. With help from a crap ton of poisoned shots the archon and wyches got out of their ride and wiped the strike squad. a disintigrator round and more poison dropped a single paladin.
The paladins move up into the ruins and assault the warriors outside the raider easily killing all of them. And over on the right flank the purifiers just cant kill the trueborn. Slap fighting FTW!
So here is the assault that happened on turn 6. I had the archon and a nearly full beast squad bearing down on the paladins. I had him dead to rights I thought. He rolled his psychotropic grenade. And got a 6. DAMNIT!. So my squads tore themselves apart.
So at the end of 6 sigh his paladins are still there and my trueborn finally die off on the right.

So here is the end. Right down to the wire. I was able to get just enough shots in to finally make him fail enough saves to drop the paladins. Then the disintigrators off the remaining ravager wiped the rest of the purifiers.

So after getting massacred, slow played, and generally whipped in the first game. I tabled my opponent in under 45 mins. I feel bad about this win because I was so frustrated from the first game that I was a little on the ruthless side. Dude if your out there reading this I'm sorry I'm not normally like that.

So after this game I'm still sitting in the middle bottom of the pack. We break for lunch and when I come back I see that I have been paired up against the world famous Black Blow Fly and his Dragiowing.

I'll post a report about that shortly if he doesn't beat me to it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

semis game 1 vs dark eldar

Ok so in my first post ard boys rant I said that I lost the tourney on the first die roll. He goes first so here is the battle report.

Vassel doesn't do justice to the general lack of terrain on the tables. When I walked in and saw them I thought "well I'm never getting a cover save today. The hills here represent some rubble patches that were about a half inch tall, not enough to hide even my razorwing flocks behind. So he took the north zone and I got stuck with the south.

It came to me in a dream

OK from the last post you guys know that I am going to build a new for fun/hobby 40k army. Well I had almost set the idea in stone yesterday and went to bed last night with images of the mechanicus dancing in my head.

But I had a dream last night.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New army time

I know I promised battle reports but vassel takes a hell of a lot of time to write one up if you have tried go for it and Ill see you next week.

But for now I have been having ideas about my next army. The Dark Eldar will continue to be my competitive beat face army for the foreseeable future so this one will fall into the for fun/hobby category.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Semis aftermath

I'm not going to go in depth here for now. Expect bat reps in the future from the semis.

So last weekend I drove my but down to Lauderhill Florida to do the ard boyz thing. After play testing furiously over the last month I felt good about my chances to win it all. I got there a bit early and hung out waiting for everyone to show up. I counted the armies as they came in.

Grey Knight
Blood angels
dark eldar
grey knight
space wolves
grey knight
dark eldar
grey knight
grey knight

So it looked like i was going to be up against a grey knight in the first round. *shrug* I got this as most of them were playing dragowing or some variation of it. Got all signed in, pulled my army out. (I forgot my display base and it was a little shaky carrying all my skimmers on a clipboard to the tables.) Got the opponents for the first round.
Hey I'm playing another dark eldar. Uh oh. I have never played against another DE because I am the only one in my neck of the woods.
"this will make me better, and I already know what his army can do." I thought to myself.
Read the scenario, "hey it changed since I printed them out, oh well it still looks doable"
Shook hands with the other guy said lets have a good game and then threw the first dice of the tourney......

He won the roll, and decided to go first.

I lost the top spot of the tourney on that dice roll.

Two glass cannons facing each other it was all about who got to fire first.

So there it is the intro to the coming battle reports. I didn't take many pictures of the games themselves because I was wrapped up in the games the whole time so vassel will be used for most of it.

Catch you guys later.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The semi's are finaly here

Yep I thought the day would never come but finally the games that i have been testing, practicing, bitching about here in my local area have arrived. My army is a little bit worse for wear since I have had 17 dry runs in the last month for it. My lists have changed, My units have changed, and my paint scheme has almost changed. I'm getting around to it, its not like they judge painting at this thing.