Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I did it!

Just some happy news to the whole 4 of you that actually read this.

I asked my girlfriend to marry me last night.

and she said yes!

More gaming in the new year I promise

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The holidays

Just a note that due to family obligations and my continuing work out like a madman routine to get my fat ass in shape for the military, the blog is going to probably be quiet until after the new year.

Quiet that is unless something earth shattering with the hobby happens. Like the CEO of GW steps down (*crosses fingers*) A new codex gets released, or grey knights get a FAQ to their FAQ that makes them actually follow the rules of 40k.

But I don't think that is going to happen in the next 2 weeks. So until we meet again.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

bending rules till they snap, WAAC confessions

Yep I admit it. I am guilty of being a 40k asshat. I bent some rules the last weekend I was able to play 40k for an advantage and I have felt horrible about it since.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Its a 40k clearing house sale!!!!!!

No Im not quiting the game as I have threatened to do multiple times in the past.

I did a quick inventory of my 40k items here at the house and it just comes down to me haveing too much of it. I have plans for new "hobbiest" armies where I can thow alot of effort into converting and painting them. I have just reached critical mass and have no more room. So I officialy put my entire 40k collection up for sale. Hopefully I will be able to sell them as complete armies, in some cases like my deathwing I will break it up ( I have about 6000 points of deathwing what was I thinking)

Here I will list the armies I have for sale from memory because I left my actual list in the truck and I am to lazy to get it now. I will post pictures of the armies and full counts later on in the week. Assume all armies have a bit more to them but I cant remember all of it right now.

Armies for sale.

2000pt Khorne dog army
75 bezerkers
 5 squads of 15 each as 2 melta guns and a powerfist
6 juggernoughts with bezerkers
 2 squads of 3 with 2 deamon blades
Lord on juggernought
 with mutations and a deamonblade

This army was made to be based on the space wolf codex, 5 squads of blood claws thunderwolves and a lord on thunder wolf.

3000pt Dark Eldar army
This got me 4th place in ard boys semis this year

90 warriors with a mix of all special and heavy weapons
10+ wyches
Archon (finecast)
3 custom vemons
12 trueborn (all with blasters)
9 raiders
3 ravagers
12 jetbikes with 6 heat lances
razorwing fighter
12 custom razorwing flocks
8 custom beast masters
webway portal

6000+pts of Deathwing

50+ terminators
 mix of close comabt units and shooters with a lot of assault cannons
2 land raider crusaders
terminator chaplin
terminator librarian
apothicary and banner upgrades for deathwing squad
5 dreadnoughts
 1 lascannon 2 plasma cannons 1 mortis pattern 1 assault cannon
3 land speeders
2 attack bikes
 multi meltas
5 bikes
1 assault squad with no jump packs
5 custom made sanguary guard dark angel hybrids
Ill even put the 1 storm raven I have here because it dosent fit anywhere else

1750 pt chaos deamons
20 horrors
 one changling
20 deamonettes
2 herals of tzeench
1 herald of slaneesh
1 masque
3 deamon princes
 1 nurgle 1 slaneesh 1 khorne


36 fire warriors
20+ beastmen auxilaries
 (beastmen with pulse rifles)
1 battle suit


9 custom built/converted kans
3 custom built/converted dreads
(these are all in a box under a pile of stuff so This is what I kow I have int here)
10 bikes
10 nobz in eavy armor
3 mega nobz
3 or 4 war bosses
about 30 boyz
1 custom battle wagon
3-4 custom wartrukks
3 custom burnas
3 custom war trakks

And thats what I can remember off the top of my head. Most of thesepieces are painted to my higher than table top standards. If anyone is interested just drop me an email. My email address in on the right side of the screen. ( the same one I use for my comission work)

Till then

stay thirsty my friends.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Product review Guerrilla Studios bases

So I break from my usual ranting and raving about 40k to talk a little about a great new company that is making bases for some of our favorite games.

Guerrilla Studios
The owner has contacted me wanting to get a product review on the internet. I of course said sure I will fit it into my otherwise hectic schedule. So he hooked me up with a selection of the bases that he produces and I painted them up for all the world to see.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cheap scarabs or how to make swarms for less than $1

I have been laying low with my scarab building but I have seen so many sites that say that molding scarabs is both time consuming and expensive. Well I'm here to tell you its not, not by a long shot.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

first nevron list 2000pts

I made the mistake of letting my girlfriend see pictures of necron painted pink.... Now I am the proud owner of a work in progress necron army.

So, I have been looking around for advise on how to play these metal men and found out that some people are finding the tricks. One in particular is the ctan with the withering worldscape and the shenanagains you can play with that.

So here is my first list

HQ1 Orikan the deviner
HQ2 Nemesor Zahndrekh
HQ2b Vanguard Obyron
HQ2c Royal court 5 Harbringer of transmogrification with tremmor staves

E1 C'tan shard with withering worldscape and swarm of spirit dust

T1 10 warriors
T2 10 warriors
T3 10 warriors
T4 10 warriors
T5 10 warriors

F1 10 Scarabs
F2 10 Scarabs
F3 10 Scarabs

Clocks in at 2000 points on the nose

The Harbringers all split to each warrior squads, Orikan, Nemesor and Vanguard each go to a warrior squad
The shard hides in whatever cover is available
The scarabs move toward the enemy as fast as possible trying to catch immobilised tanks or ones that are to scared to move.

There are one trick poney lists floating around, then there is this. (remember it is a Ward book) The way this works is the ctan makes all difficult terrain dangerous, then on turn one Okrin makes the entire enemy army move in difficult terrain on turn 1 (dangerous now) Then when they start coming forward the tremorstaves from the harbringers in every squad cause any enemy it hits to move as if in difficult terrain (again dangerous because of the shard)
What this will cause is the necrons will deploy in their deployment zone in cover and sit there. With the scarabs staying out so they can get the maximum distance and try and smash into a tank. The shard needs to survive so he will hide as best he can.
The newer mid range codexes that have come out recently will be really hurt by this as thier usual tactic of maneouver and fire is replaced by having their metal boxes stall out in the begining of the game and tip toeing around terrain.

Liek I said this list isnt optimised at all. This is just a fun one trick list to throw down if you really werent in the mood to roll dice that day. The enemy is going to be rolling alot more than your share of them for all those checks.

Hey Im on another website

I started a 40k campaign at my local this weekend. got the maps set up, players ready to fight and answered a lot of questions about my rules.

So the first battles started, the chaos forces were sending a massive push into the one hive city that was on the line. Sweet I thought, until the imperial generals there said they didn't have enough points/didn't want to walk into that slaughter house.

So my dark eldar worked out a deal. For 10,000 souls and a can of diet coke the dark eldar will be working as a mercenary force for the time being.

My archon surveyed the battlefield and heard the enemy war host approaching. This was suicide plain and simple but if the enemy was ground to a stalemate it would give the forces of the imperium a chance to reinforce the lines elsewhere and stop this invasion before it began.

So it looks like the Ork player took a lot of pictures of the game and put it up on 40k online.
Here's the battle report.
Dark Eldar get their asses kicked

After the Dracon saw what had happened to the Acrhon and his forces in the city he grabbed the comm and called off the squadron of fighters. Their attack run into the city would be useless to dig out the chaos forces.

Now that the Archon is dead the dracon will take command of the forces on Peligro.
He looked to his retinue of trueborn warriors and said "Open a webway portal and bring forth more troops."
The trueborn nodded and pulled the brass cylinder out of one of his pouches. After a few seconds a Glowing blue portal hovered a few inches from the ground and new troops were already starting to come through.
The Dracon smiled and thought to himself 'Now to go renegotiate the terms of our agreement with the imperials.'

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tau vs Dark Eldar battle report

So another saturday of games goes by, another battle report. This is the third game of the day because I forgot to take my camera out at the other games until turn 2 or 3. They were both to imperial guard and I lost one and won one. But onto DE vs Tau. 

The game was really lopsided from the beginning. The tau coming in on one side allowed the dark eldar to concentrate their rush on a small front and get all guns to bear as soon as possible. The first salvo from the tau looked like it was going to stop the transports dead but the 5++ from the flickerfields stopped the nastiest of the shots from getting through. Then the taus dice just ran cold.

There is a campaign starting up at the store next week. I have ripped off the rules from the flames of war campaign pack and altered them for 40k so expect battle and campaign reports in the near future. Until then stay thirsty my friends.

October tourney shots

Bugs and IG face off in the hills
Space Marines try to dig the chaos marines out of the jungle
Grey knights and space wolves fight in the deserts
Tyranids and blood angels try to outmaneuver each other
Marines and deamons excange fire in a hive city
Typical guard shooting has drasticly reduced the number of synapse creatures on this board
It goes hand to hand in the close quarters of the jungles
The marines are trying to break out of the city but the daemons keep dringing in reinforcements
A tide of gaunts moves across the plains to get to grips with the blood angels. The blood angels go into reverse with all guns blazing
Bjorn surveys the carnage as a intercepter squad creeps up behind him
The space wolves find a geansteeler infestation and need to dig it out
Bllod angels try to sweep the flanks of the space marine terminators
Grey knights moving through the dense foliage to get to grips with their enemies
Nids and chaos baking in the hot twin sons of this desert world. The chaos commander realises too late that he did not bring enough guns.
Pushing the bullet catchers forward

Marine bikers advance under heavy fire from tau railguns

The haloween tourney was a success. 10 players showed up, had some fun basting the hell out of each other.

Results were

Over all winner: Dirk (Tyranids)
Best Gerneral: Zack (Grey Knights)
Best Hobbiest: Adam (Daemons)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween tourney tomorrow

So judgeing by the sign up sheet the tourney will go down tomorrow. I hope this is a sign that 40k has started to bounce back in my area.

Here are the other 2 halloween themed scenerios

Mission 2

Smashing Pumpkins

Deployment- Pitched battle
Primary-smash the enemy pumpkins
Secondary-Kill points
Tertiary-HQ survives

Smashing pumpkins- Each player gets 10 pumpkin markers place the markers anywhere in your deployment zone. Try to keep you pumpkins in one piece while blasting the enemies to smitherines. To smash a pumpkin you must either shoot it with any weapon or assault it. The pumpkin has no toughness value. The pumpkin has a 4+ cover save. (its a lot easier to smash a pumpkin with your boot)

Scenerio 3

Time to TP

Deployment- Spearhead

Primary- TP (land grab)
Seondary- Kill all enemy Heavy (if hey have none you get this automaticly)
Tertiary- Hane 1 unit TP more than once

TP (land grab)
THere will be 5 objectives on the board (2 in each un ocupied corner and one in the middle). To claim these objective you must have a scoreing unit get to the objective and stay there for a game turn doing nothing (no moving shooting or assaulting, this even counts if you are assaulted in your enemies turn) this represents the squad spending a turn TPing a objective. After that turn of doing nothing the squad can continue normal operations.

An objective can only be TPed once. Once it is done it may not be claimed again. Going to get a house that already has TP on it is such a let down (i know its happened to me)

Im takeing the camera and will be back on sunday with lots of shots for the blog. Oh and bonus points for bringing the TO candy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

1850pts Deathwing vs. thousand sons

Two games in one day. Awww yeah I like it. After me and nurgle got done with our game Mike stepped up with his thousand sons and wanted a game.

1850 points

Belial w twin claws
Chaplin in TDA
4 deathwing squads 1 cyclone 1 assault cannon
2 land raider crusaders
dreadnought with twin linked las cannon

Thousand sons
Chaos sorcerer lord in TDA
Chaos Sorcerer Lord
3x9 thousand son marines with sorcerers
3 obliterators
5 terminators

The scenario was rolled and it came up as capture and control with spearhead deployment

Dice were rolled and I won but deferred to the thousand sons here's the deployment
Thousand sons turn 1 wasn't to eventful they immobilized the silver land raider onto Deathwing turn 1
Thousand son turn 2
Deathwing turn 2
damn I forgot to save the picture with the text. The terminators charged into the thousand sons in the center and they passed a lot of 4++ saves slowing down the deathwings charge up the middle
Thousand sons turn 3
Deathwing turn 3
Thousand sons turn 4
Deathwing 4
thousand sons and deathwing turn 5

Gah so close. Oh well it was a fun time. I think I feel the spark coming back for 40k doing these fun games. It might be a little late though.

I have made the decision in life to join the armed forces of this great nation. In a few months I will be shipped out to basic training and hobby time will disappear entirely for a while. But expect great posts until then and after I get out of training hopefully I will find a way to keep this blog updated.

See you guys next time.