Saturday, April 24, 2010

Archangels, speeders and a tourney

Hey guys its me again here in my little slice of heaven southwest Florida.
Ok now that I have all you locals rolling on the floor laughing its time for
*cue deep echoey voice*
So its been a little busy around here. Ive noticed that somewhere in every ones blog there is a post about moving. It is like a rule you start a blog and all of a sudden out of nowhere its time to move. Well it looks like I'm gonna be following the trend since the house has been sold in record time and I have to get my big ass out by the 15th of may. Don't worry I'm not going to far still staying around here somewhere.

So back to 40k. I finally got my full orders in from the shop. The other 2 land speeders I ordered about 3 weeks ago and the sanguary guard ,box,. It has been so long since I ordered theses (the day after the codex was released) that I had given up hope in seeing them this month. Well I got em' and oh damn was I happy. Now I had the opportunity to use some of the DA bits on them and since it seems to be my mission to piss off Tim the DA player around here I made them into a unit of "Archangels" for my *Dark Angel "counts as Blood Angel until we can get a codex that's worth a damn" successor chapter the Guardians of the Covenant*. Whoo that's a mouth full. now I have taken about 2 dozen pictures and I have discovered that I am a cheap ass and need a new camera but Ill post what I got.

Oh and hers some shots of the land speeders and all of their uniform glory.

We had the monthly 40k tournament and again this week I was not able to attend. Stupid work. I stopped in there this morning on the way and hung out for about a half hour to check and see what the guys were bringing to the tables. All in all it was a good turn out and if I had remembered to put my deathwing in the car I bet I would have come down withe the 24 hour flu this morning.
As I sat there at work trying to explain what email was to an old lady I kept thinking "I could be fighting glorious battles instead of doing this job that sucks my soul away and gets me a little closer to eating a bullet everyday."

But such is life and I have to be responsible and all that especially if I am going to buy another deathwing army (whatchu talk'in bout Fitz?) Yeah that's right Ive lost it I'm buying another deathwing army from a good friend Todd. Now I know i don't really need another deathewing army. I told Todd I would rather him not sell his army but if he feels like he must I will buy them and when he gets the itch to play again I can say "I have a army to sell right here"

Ok enough! I promised myself I was going to start shortening these things up.... We can all dream right?


Friday, April 16, 2010

This week in 40k

Hey guys its been a while but I have been playing allot lately.
First I want to start by saying that the space marine land speeder kit is by far the most finicky, delicate, and hardest to put together of all the SM kits in 40k. I have to bend plastic to make it fit. I have pegs that aren't there because the molder used .00001oz to little of plastic. And trying to put tabbards on them was ridiculously hard and after it is assembled you wont see them at all. *sigh* oh well when the rest of my order comes in Ill have to put together 2 more.
On to this weeks gaming. I played a few games this week. On Tuesday I had a 2200 (weird number right) game with Adam and his space marines. Now he loves to sternguard melta spam Belial and his squad to death. This game saw Belial get his revenge.
It was a seize ground scenario and he started with a Rhino and one squad sitting about mid field. I of course started with everything in reserve. On my turn one I hit with 4 squads using the deathwing assault and proceeded to scatter every which way but where I wanted to go. Belial and his squad actually landed on the rhino. Oops time for a mishap. So I roll a 4 and Adam proceeds to place him in the back corner of the board edge. Looks like hes hoofing it from here. I blast the rhino with 3 assault cannons and all I could do is shake it.
So his turn and most of his army arrives from his board edge or via drop pod. He has 2 vindicators that proceed to pummel my squads and gets Vulcan and his melta squad of death to land around one of my squads. He decides to combat squad them nd only fires 5 meltas at the librarian and apothicary squad. After some force berrier apothicary ignores and some crazy invulnerable saves he kills one of them. Then as the game progressed for their trouble the sternguard and vulcan are raped by the librarian and the squad the broke off is eventually ran down by Belial and his squad moving from the board edge "thought I was gone huh, RAWR!"
Ends up a win for the Dwing.
Wednesday saw the forces of chaos fighting a objective game at 1750 pts. The chaos player was a quiet guy and I don't remember his name. (I'm horrible with names.) He had a land raider with a chosen squad 2 rhinos with thousand sons and a 10 man 4 lascannon dev squad. The only thing I took away f rom this game is to STAY AWAY FROM THOUSAND SONS!!!! Each squad had a sorceror and he dropped my librarian in short order so I had to dea with 2 winds of chaos a turn. Not good for the guys in the massive hulking armor that apparently doesn't like to work. It was a loss for me at the end of the game I had 2 terminators and 2 immobilized dreadnoughts.
Oh well ya win some ya loose some.
Me and Ben (ork player) have made changes to my list and I have had 3 bikes that started life as chaos bikers in the 90s then were made into nob bikes as soon as the ork codex came out have been thrown into the simple green and will emerge as raven wing, hopefully.
Until next time, Same fitz time same fitz channel.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ive become a fallen angel

Well... (that's a deep subject isn't it)
Ive finally been kicked out of the imperium and called Excomunie by my mother chapter the Dark angels.
After my dismal display in the games on Tuesday getting tables in pretty much the 1st turn of the game. (in a 1850pt game I lost about 1000 pts he didn't kill more because the rest had not arrived via deep strike yet, the rest of the game was along those same lines so 35 of the empors finest laid low and only got 2 kill points /sigh) The resident Dark angel Tim has said that he cannot replace those losses so fast and that I have set both our chapters back by 1000 years. So I am no longer getting loaner terminator suits while mine are being repaired...
So that means my Defenders of the covenant are now homeless and are adrift in the galaxy. Hey wait a second the blood angels seem to be recruiting lately.
When I broke out the blood angels codex at the store Tim saw what I was doing and immediately started jumping up and down pointing screaming heretic at the top of his lungs (I love my store because this isn't out of the ordinary)
Now instead of just being cut off by my mother chapter I have been classified as one of the fallen chapters in our local fluff. So I have no qualms about making a blood angel army and painting them up in my defenders of the covenant scheme. *evil grin*
Soooo Ive decided to go all in on the blood angels list I have been rolling around in my head for the last week. I know the book my be classified as broken by some but in the words of the Commissar "That book is full of GLORY!"
Where the lion loses the angel wins


Monday, April 5, 2010

40k escalation leauge at 2d10 games

So after the backlash on the interwebz from adepticon and other conventions this year, with the possibility of cheating and cheesy lists and comp scores that were rediculus I have decided to hit the cosmic reset button in my gaming group.
I am in the process of setting up a new player/escaltion leauge with the new crop of gamers gettting out of school in the coming weeks and our veterans that havent played in forever in mind.
Ive ran tournoments and large games as the game master but never a leauge. So this is going to be a new experience for me as well and as much as I want to im gonna have to force myself to stick to the logistics and not participate directly since I will have prize support and trophies. It would look beardy of me to win my own contests.
Well its tuesday tomorrow and I hope to get all of this approved with the store owners and can come up with a snazzy name and hopefully a hard start date.
If you guys have any suggestions or comments please leave them here or email me directly any help is greatly appreciated.