Thursday, August 25, 2011

oh my god we are all gonna die!!!!

looks all menacing there doesn't it?

Alright I'm still in the middle of my furious playtesting for the semifinals of ard boyz and 99% of my free time has been devoted to that. But there has been a little issue come up here lately that I have had to deal with.

Mainly I have a woman in the house that has never been in a hurricane and she was flipping out.

Friday, August 19, 2011

why the grey knights are a little over powered against DE

I went over to 3++ and saw yet another article on the grey knights LINK!

you can go read it but let me sum up the article for you. The article says grey knights and dark eldar are completely balanced and one should never landslide the other.

To this I say "have you ever played this match up? ever?"

I then started to write a reply to it and once I realised that it was waaaay too long I decided that I will put it up here so i can vent a little frustration on you guys instead.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I spent all yesterday with a few ard' boyz

Yup only the ardest play in the swamp.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Off to rape and pillage

Off to ard boyz tomorrow
I have finished my list and I feel good about playing. I feel like this will be alot of fun because the guys where I am going are all great. Im going to the dark side games in sarasota for the tourney. They have great tables and a full house for this one.
I have the camera charged and ready so be prepared for photos and bat reports in the next week.

Ok boys I'll see ya on the other side.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Why cant I get this right?!

OK 4 days to ard boyz and I cant finalise my army list. I wish I had more time to play test.
Ive got in 1 game against daemons and I smashed them off of the table. It was expecting no less though with their strength being high toughness monsters and me having enough poison to make the great unclean one shutter.
I need to fight against a fully meched marine list and see how I am going to stop it. Gah! more time more time....
I'm going to have my last chance for a game tomorrow against John and the IG list he is planing on taking. If he has listened to any of us trying to help him with list design he will leave the foot list at home.
So as of now the list is sitting like this
Archon 9 wyches in raider
duke 9 warriors in raider
10 warriors in raider
10 warriors in raider
10 warriors in raider
4 trueborn in venom
4 trueborn in venom
4 trueborn in venom
6 reavers
6 reavers

I'm not giving away all the details but I think it will hold up well against any opponent. Every squad can deal with tanks and every squad can deal with MEQ killing.

I'm thinking about taking all the assault elements out of it and just playing keep away from the assault based armies.

But then another part of me is telling me there isn't enough assaulting squads in it.

Then there is the third part that just wants to crawl under my desk and stay there until this all goes away. "You don't want to go, there are douche bags at these things."

Agh see this tourney is going to drive me to drinking.......

If I lose in round one yeah I will finish but watch out for my case of beer under the table.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Its summer time thats why.

So I was asked earlier today why I haven't been writing on my blog much lately. Well the usual answer is that real life gets in the way, but I think that is a stock answer that doesn't quite cover it so I'm going to go through a day in the life of Fitz.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ard boyz cometh!

So I was wrong about the dates, its 2 weeks away not 2 months. So with no time to retrofit all my deathwing with new hammers and shields I decided to go with the Dark Eldar once again. Here is the list and some thoughts for strategys.