Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is this the last hurah?

Hey everyone in the blogosphere that actualy reads my rantings.

I have an issue.

I have been running the local 40k tourney for the last hmm about 8 months now. The issue is that I cannot get any turn out. At the beginning it was great every month I had a dozen armies dukeing it out on the boards. Now though the attendance is so low that I am almost thinking about scrapping the thing all together.

History of attendance (as far back as I can remember)

April 15
May 12
June 14
July 9
august 7

skipped October because it was oversaturation for the tourneys that has caused people not to show up because "if I miss it there will be one next month"

Now I am having one on Saturay and I have recived no replys on our forum and no one I talk to says they are going to come.

What can I do besides break into their homes and put a bolt pistol to their heads?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The dice gods are bitter...

Yesterday I made it to the store a bit later than I was wanting but there were a few guys there playing so I jumped in on a game. Played against Faust from I of course being a glutton for punishment played my dark eldar using the "classic" codex.

1000 pts
Blood angels.
2 Storm ravens w/typhoon missiles
2 5 man assault squads
2 librarians w/ jump packs

Dark Eldar
Archon w/ puninsher /tormentor helm/ shadow field
5 incubus
3 10 man raider squads w/ darklance and blaster
2 10 man warrior squads w/ 2 darklances
5 scourges w/ 4 dark lances

Now list building wise it seems that with 18 s8 lance weapons on the board that this should be a cake walk....

He wins the roll and decides to go second.
It is kill points and spearhead deployment.
There is sufficient cover on the board so I deploy everything.
the warrior squads in buildings with large fields of fire and the scourges in ruins with the thinking of jumping them to the back of the board to hit anything hiding back there.
The raiders went up front and center since I had the first turn I would be able to zip them around and give him a false sense of knowing where they were going to be.

So turn one he left everything in reserve so I zipped around the board. getting cover saves in case he came in some how. The scourges jumped to the back of the board then ran a little further almost there.
Turn 2 I zipped even more I had a dark eldar raider almost every foot on the board so wherever he came in he would be looking down the barrel of a dark lance.

Finally on his turn 2 they came in. Both the storm ravens in the back corner of the board out of range of one of my warrior squads and the scourges. He turbo boosted on and fired his typhoon missiles with the machine spirit. HE either missed or the speed of the raiders saved them. I let a evil smile come over my face because the next turn he was mine.

Turn 3 i jumped the scourges so they will have line of sight and be in range next turn. I ran the skimmers to that side of the board. I ran the archon up to one of the storm ravens and hoped him out. I also jumped out a raider squad for the added firepower. I couldn't hurt the raven in assault but was trying to bait him into getting out of the raven if it was still alive next turn.

So here is where the clouds parted, light from the heavens shined down and spotlighted my dice, angelic music played, and the booming voice of the dice god bellowed "*FAIL!"*

I had 12 dark lances and a blaster pointed at the storm ravens. Fired everything. Purple beams of death tracing fire from all corners of the board. I was braced for the screaming and wailing of innocents. But in the end I had rolled an amazing number of ones and twos. even the shots that got through became ones on the damage chart. WOW

His turn. He decided to turbo boost again and drop the marines out halfway with decent of angels. SO now I have 12 marines in my face. excellent right where i wanted them. He shoots me and kills one incubus and 3 warriors. Ill take those losses. The storm ravens fire and either miss or I save against it.

My turn top of 4 now. I bring another raider squad to where the fighting is going to be and deploy them behind the existing warriors. The scourges and even the warriors in the ruins on the far side of the table now have range and line of sight to the storm ravens. Ok last turn was a fluke this one hes going to be boarded. I fire an amazing amount of splinter shots with the warriors at one fo the squads of 6 I kill everything buthe librarian. So now I have exactly 2 dark lances and 2 blasters for him. FIRE FIRE FIRE.... wait I rolled ones and 2s for every shot.... damn. Oh well the archon is going to chew the other squad then jump on this guy. They charge in. The archon swipes away and kills 3 marines. not bad but not great. Then the money makers the incubus. 3 attacks a piece. 12 dice rolled. 12 hits. finally something is going my way. 12 dice to wound... 0 wounds. I slump back into my chair as I see all the 1s 2s and 3s staring at me mocking me and I can hear a little voice in my head. "that's what you get for even thinking about playing dark eldar again" his attacks back and he kills 2 of the incubus with chain swords by me rolling ones and twos and then his powerfist made damn sure that he won the combat. LD9 and I only lost by 1 well with the way the dice have been going ..... nope I failed. My uber unit is running off of the board with no way to regroup.
Oh and all of the dark lances whiffed again.

His turn 4
Moved the storm ravens 12 inches and moved the remaining marines to them and grouped them into one squad. His fire. twin linked plasma cannon utterly vaporized one squad. the typhoons from both of them destroyed a raider a piece. The marines didn't kill anything.
My turn 5
I fire everything. I kill the last of the marines off and the 2 librarians with random small arms fire. Fire all the dark lances again. I actually kill one of the storm ravens. It took every dark lance to do it but I did it.

Lets see the math on that one.
3 turns of firing almost every dark lance

That's 18 X 3 = 54
54 shots at BS4 = 36 hits

36 hits at strength 8 and armor 12 = 12 penetrating hits and 6 glances

out of those it should have been at least 6 dead storm ravens as a immobilized result would have dropped it when it was zipping around.

His turn 5

He killed another raider and made the last of my 4 remaining warriors out of the squad in his face run

Roll the dice Game is over he wins by 2 kill points.
Yep that is the kind of game I had yesterday.

Well that it for my first DE battle report hope you all are inspired.... well maybe not inspired. Just go give your dice a pep talk and maybe they wont fail you as much as mine have.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where has all the time gone?

Hey everybody out there that has accidentally clicked a link and been redirected to this seemingly abandoned blog of a fat guy who plays with toy soldiers. Whats up this is the fat guy here. You all thought I was dead didn't you?

Well I wasn't I was just lost in the unemployment purgatory for a good long while and couldn't bring myself to blog about gaming because I wasn't gaming near as much. But that is all gong to change because I have landed a great job that I am going to strive to be great at, and also do some gaming.

So what has happened since I left?....

Dark Eldar...
I am absolutely going to resurrect my dark eldar army due to the new codex. I have been patiently waiting for the new book for so long I have forgot how to play them. I shelved the army back in 2002 when I heard rumblings of a new codex and they haven't been touched since. I actually forgot I had them.
I had a 750 pt game against some space wolves on saturday and was soundly thrashed and laughed off the table. Its gonna take some time to shake the cobwebs off but I will eventually remember that AV10 skimmers have no business out in the open.

Another one of the guys in our gaming group has decided to start a blog of his own documenting his new chapter and his quest for a sponsorship from RED BULL

Go check his stuff out. I'm gonna hound him to put more pictures up because his stuff looks really good once it is all done.

Pictures yeah. good news I have got rid of that craptastic camera I was using so soon we can expect some decent photos from me.

Blood angels....
Yeah I shelved this idea as I realised there are exactly %82 of power armored armies at my local store so I have decided not to contribute to that.

Has grown to an amazing size. I have the ENTIRE deathwing, more even. I have over 100 terminators now. realizing this I am going to be trading/selling some of them off to get back to a logical number of tactical dreadnought suits. I also need to cut back because every time I loose a game I set the chapter back about 1000 years.

I have started playing battletech. AHHHGH! *dodges rotten fruit* Yeah I know this is a 40k blog but dammit I like it, and I have started building my own mechs. The whole having no job and nothing but time on my hands has lead to some strange situations. I bought a tube of super glue and a bag of jumbo craft sticks. about 2 weeks and a liter of blood later I have battle mechs made out of wood. Ill post pics soon I guess.

Always workin on da boyz. They are never done.

I got'z me one and it'z a good 'un.

Personal life....
*Censored by the inquisitorial bureau of we don't give a damn*

and that's about that. long story short. I am back! and brimming with bad ideas and maybe one or two good ones. Now I'm gonna go dive into my bitz box.

Until next time.