Sunday, May 16, 2010

After action report


yeah I went to ard boys....
I got a bye and I played 2 games...
and I was demolished in both...
I dont want to talk about it...
.... sigh.

Ok moving on
We will bw having our escalation leauge starting on june 8th, Rules are as follows for the first block untill the jump to 750.

* 500 pts
* 1 compulsary troop
* nothing with more than 2 wounds
* no 2+ save
* no combined armor value over 33 (adding all armor values)

The first session will be more of a meet and greet and get the logistics finalized to see how many we get. Feel free if you have your forces with you there will be people on hand to assist you if you dont know the rules.

Above all else have fun


Friday, May 14, 2010

Going quiet for a while

Hey guys, all 3 of you.
Im here to warn you that I will be out of the blogosphere for a few days because I have moved and the place I ended up does not have internet access. (I moved 3 miles down the road and I loose it..../sigh) So yeah short one here and im going to ard boys tomorrow and I plan on getting lots of crappy pictures and battle reports ready for you guys. Laters


Monday, May 10, 2010

Ard boyz comith

*deep breath*
Ok last year I participated in ard boys and won the preliminaries and was not able to compete in the next round because of sheduleing conflicts and it being almost 700 miles away last year. This year I am taking the deathwing. 5I have been looking at the missions and all the internet hype over this weeks ard boyz. I am almost floored by it. Let me start with the missions as we all have to live with these and half of you get bored before you get to the end of my posts anyways.
Scenario 1
dis land is our land ladz
This mission is 5 objectives with a funky apocolypse style set up. Table halfs from corner to corner. Ok I can live with that, but, I have one questions as I have seen conflicting answers across the community. Do we deploy objectives or are they pre set in 4 corners and the center? Other than that a fine scenario based in 5th edition. You will have to blast alot of boyz on this to get the massacre.

Scenario 2
Grindin' meat
Makes me feel like its 1999 again. Old fasioned 3rd edition staight up victory points. This could be good for the deathwing. We are rock solid but if an enemy concentrates they can take chunks out real fast.

Scenario 3
Kill da fast ones
This is the stick in the mud of the whole tournoment. Kill points with a biased twist. Now I am running a minimal amount of vehicles so I should like this scenario. I do, but I dont think it is exactly fair to the mechanized lists or the lists that are taking alot of vehicles with them. I could have taken raven wing and then everything in my army would be worth 3 kill points. I was entirely in favor of the mechanized movement in 40k because it brough more of a real world twist to it. But whatever GW giving out this mission to semi punish mech and then a message that there is going to be a price increase. If I wasnt so hooked Id look elsewhere for my fix.

Ok on to the lists that I have been seeing for this shindig. Wow, I hope that the stuff the guys are putting out online these last few days are a joke. I mean I am seeing 2 troop choices. tactical squads in blood angel armies. Space wolfs with no long fangs. Nid hordes (meaning like 300+ models) and the leaf blowers. Is that all that there is out there? I was mildly concerned that I was bringing the ceathwing and thought that I was going to get steam rolled at this party. With what Ive seen on everyones "ready to go" posts I cant wait to bring down the hammer on these people. Im not going to post my list as I want it to remain mostly a suprise but I have had to put terminators in the elite slots there are so many of them.

So Im ready to go. Feeling good about this one and hopefully I will roll on through the preliminaries and make it to chicago. I might just go this year, make a road trip.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feeling below average this week.

Well another week and my camera went belly up again. So no oictures sorry guys. Well the big story this week is on wendsday i went in for emergency oral sergery to fix my wisadom tooth that was just kicking my ass. That was a barrel of fun.
So enough of that. On tuesday in excruciating pain I decided to play a few games. 2 2500 pt ones to prepare for ard boys. Both ended were hard fought, both ended in ties. So i got to see what a few land raiders can do. Here was my list.


Librarian in terminator armor

5 5man deathwing squads 4 assault cannons and 4 chain fists

3 land speeders

3 ravenwing with 2 meltas a powerfist and a attack bike with a multo melta

2 land raiders 1 crusader 1 godhammer

So Im gonna have to make some changes to that. Then I did a 1500 pt gamer against the tau. I used 2 terminator squads, 2 land raiders, and ravenwing squad. Me and the Tau lost all of our troopp choices so wee went into a forced tie.
Then I went home felt like I got hit by a mac truck in the mouth and went to the dentist the next day.
Now that i have completed my deathwing I have come to the cross raods of another army and have decided on chaos deamons. I have already been doing alot of deep striking and decided to go all the way.
I chose the forces of Slaneesh to be my focus. I lve the fact that they are so fast and the number of attacks. The only down side is no power weapons only rending and the low strength. So I have run some dice rolling experiments.
If I have 12 deamonettes attacking space marines. (the usual suspects)
they get (on the charge)
48 attacks
24 hits
8 wounds
4 of those rending

So I set about rolling dice. I rolled 48 dice 8 times and got an average.
hit total 180
hit average 22.5
wound total 61
wound average 7.6
rend total 31
rend average 3.875

so that goes to show you im rolling a little under average this week. So we are looking at a good thing with a 2 turn combat at least from the deamonettes on your average tactical squad. 3 If you roll like me. Thus allowing you to be stuck in combat in your enemys turn to avoid fire then breakout and jack them again next turn. So those will work for me.
Oh and the heralds of Slaneesh on chariots. 5 wounds 6 attacks and 7 initative!!!! Ill take it.

Till next time same heretic time, same heretic channel.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

So much to do so little time

Alright guys I'm sorry its been a while and I apologize for the forthcoming wall of text.
I have got a house so everything that was up in the air is finally settling back down with that. I have moved a whole 1 mile..... seems kind of pointless doesn't it. Well that's enough of that.

This week has been huge for me gaming wise. My friend Todd and fellow Dark Angel has decided to sell his deathwing and I was there to et them from him. With these beautiful models there has been some armor support brought to the wing. Now I'm up over 4000pts of terminators and supporting troops. The rebaseing has begun and I think I'm gonna leave them in their color scheme since they are the parent chapter and I can use them as the elites in my army after I fill out the troops with my terminators. *grin* 9 squads of terminators.
Before that this week though I played in a 12155pt semi Apocalypse grand gameapaloza! Actually it started as a 4000pt game and grew whenever someone entered the store before we started. It was deathwing, blood angels, chaos deamons, and a vulkan vanilla chapter against a vanilla chapter and imperial guard.
Wow... We were concerned about time so both teams had their captains running hurry up on everyone and we blurred the lines on the phases a little for time concerns. But in all we got done in 4 hours. There was so much death and destruction. My team of course lost. I'm not saying it was me or my teammates that lost it for us. Even though there were some greater deamons on the board that mulled around for 4 turns not in close combat and I was forced to hold objectives with assault marines and sanguary guard because no one else apparently saw them there. But yeah we lost. I'm not disappointed in my boys showing because their kills in this game were as follows.
3 leman russ variants 3 Bassalisks, 2 tactical squads, 4 imperial guard squads, 2 sentinels, 2 Rhinos, 2 Preadators, 1 vindicator, most of a squad of terminators, 2 dreadnoughts, and a thunderfire cannon.
We had it towards the end but of course it went to turn 7. I have discovered that the deathwing peak at about 5, can hold on for 6 and get tabled at 7. It was the same here. I was down to 3 terminators at the end. It happens. (too much)
Back to the acquisitions for this week. Todd is a great guy and a ton of fun to play against. The only reason he is selling his guys is because he needs money. Now I have been sworn to secrecy about what he has done but yeah he does need it. So I bought the boys. It was Belial w/ thunderhammer, 15 terminators w/ assorted weapons, a land raider, a land raider crusader, a drop pod and 2 dreadnaughts, a fire support with lascannon missile launcher and a classic assault cannon close combat weapon one.
The paint job on all the figures is excellent and I have to give props to Alex the painter but I have already rebased the models to fit in with my army and I'm looking into painting a little damage into the raiders. They look like thay have just rolled off the line.
I have also got my order in from GW and after fretting over it for a few days I received all 15 of my melta guns. I'm so happy that GW did the free shipping in April. It was cheaper to buy 3 than it was for 2 and shipping. So the rearming of the bikes has begun as well.
I have met some of the newer players that are going to be a part of the league this summer. They are enthusiastic and ready to take the first steps to glory with their chosen forces. Like Ive said before if you are in the ft. myers Florida area and want to get in on a escalation league we are going to start on june the 8th. There will be rules and schedule posted on the stores website
Also (I told you it was going to be long today) I don't know how I let this happen. 'Ard Boys is in 2 weeks and I didn't even realise it. What happened I thought It wasn't for like another 6 months this cant be rig... wait its may... man I need to pay attention. So Ive been working on a 2500 pt list for Ard boys over the last... 12 hours and here is the first draft.
HQ Belial
Standard bearer
HQ Librarian
Terminator armor and combi melta
Troops 5 dethwing terminators
Troops 5 dethwing terminators
lightning claws
Troops 5 dethwing terminators
assault cannon chain fist
Troops 5 dethwing terminators
assault cannon chain fist
Troops 5 dethwing terminators
assault cannon chain fist
Fast Raven wing squadron
2x melta guns a powerfist and a attack bike with a multi melta
Fast Landspeeder squadron
2 land speeders w/ multi meltas
Fast Land speeder squadron
1 land speeder w/ multi melta
Heavy Land raider
Heavy Land raider crusader

This is subject to change since I made it in a panic knowing I only had 2 weeks to make and test a list. Hmm I'm only going to get one day to test this... Well next weeks post will be full because Ill rope everyone into a game or 3. Since I'm going into this one blind a dumb I don't expect to do much but last year in Kentucky I placed in the final round before Chicago with tyranids so I have high hopes that I will be able to make something work.
Bolter beach is also approaching fast and it is just over the horizon at the beginning of June. So in the next 5 weeks I have 3 tournaments and one overnight stay in Sarasota. One of these days I'm gonna have to get a job that pays in this hobby so I can write off all of this travel.
So this ends another long winded post of mine. One of these days I'm gonna figure out how to stop typing this much, but until then.