Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween tourney tomorrow

So judgeing by the sign up sheet the tourney will go down tomorrow. I hope this is a sign that 40k has started to bounce back in my area.

Here are the other 2 halloween themed scenerios

Mission 2

Smashing Pumpkins

Deployment- Pitched battle
Primary-smash the enemy pumpkins
Secondary-Kill points
Tertiary-HQ survives

Smashing pumpkins- Each player gets 10 pumpkin markers place the markers anywhere in your deployment zone. Try to keep you pumpkins in one piece while blasting the enemies to smitherines. To smash a pumpkin you must either shoot it with any weapon or assault it. The pumpkin has no toughness value. The pumpkin has a 4+ cover save. (its a lot easier to smash a pumpkin with your boot)

Scenerio 3

Time to TP

Deployment- Spearhead

Primary- TP (land grab)
Seondary- Kill all enemy Heavy (if hey have none you get this automaticly)
Tertiary- Hane 1 unit TP more than once

TP (land grab)
THere will be 5 objectives on the board (2 in each un ocupied corner and one in the middle). To claim these objective you must have a scoreing unit get to the objective and stay there for a game turn doing nothing (no moving shooting or assaulting, this even counts if you are assaulted in your enemies turn) this represents the squad spending a turn TPing a objective. After that turn of doing nothing the squad can continue normal operations.

An objective can only be TPed once. Once it is done it may not be claimed again. Going to get a house that already has TP on it is such a let down (i know its happened to me)

Im takeing the camera and will be back on sunday with lots of shots for the blog. Oh and bonus points for bringing the TO candy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

1850pts Deathwing vs. thousand sons

Two games in one day. Awww yeah I like it. After me and nurgle got done with our game Mike stepped up with his thousand sons and wanted a game.

1850 points

Belial w twin claws
Chaplin in TDA
4 deathwing squads 1 cyclone 1 assault cannon
2 land raider crusaders
dreadnought with twin linked las cannon

Thousand sons
Chaos sorcerer lord in TDA
Chaos Sorcerer Lord
3x9 thousand son marines with sorcerers
3 obliterators
5 terminators

The scenario was rolled and it came up as capture and control with spearhead deployment

Dice were rolled and I won but deferred to the thousand sons here's the deployment
Thousand sons turn 1 wasn't to eventful they immobilized the silver land raider onto Deathwing turn 1
Thousand son turn 2
Deathwing turn 2
damn I forgot to save the picture with the text. The terminators charged into the thousand sons in the center and they passed a lot of 4++ saves slowing down the deathwings charge up the middle
Thousand sons turn 3
Deathwing turn 3
Thousand sons turn 4
Deathwing 4
thousand sons and deathwing turn 5

Gah so close. Oh well it was a fun time. I think I feel the spark coming back for 40k doing these fun games. It might be a little late though.

I have made the decision in life to join the armed forces of this great nation. In a few months I will be shipped out to basic training and hobby time will disappear entirely for a while. But expect great posts until then and after I get out of training hopefully I will find a way to keep this blog updated.

See you guys next time. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

2000pts Deathwing vs. Imperial Guard

This was a fun time at the store today with a challenge accepted I took my deathwing out for the first time in months and played against nurgles Imperial guard.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I have been called out

The local IG player has just texted me and called me out for a game on saturday.

I told him I will be nice and play my deathwing as deathwing and not as grey knights this time. To that i got a repy of
"I want the grey knights, bring it on suckka." (more or less)

So sunday watch this space for a battle report. I think he might have some tricks up his sleve for me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Tourney

So this month I am running the local tourney again and since it is going to be on the last saturday of the month, its halloween themed. at 1500 pts I hope to have a lot of the not too competitive guys show up and just roll some dice for fun.

I'm making some custom mission for the theme and here is the first one.

Mission one!!

Trick or treat

Deployment- Pitched battle
Primary Objective-Objectives
Secondary-Victory points
Tertiary-Table Quarters

Time to get some candy! Your units are all dressed up and ready to get some loot!

There are 6 objectives placed on the table in the middle of two foot sections. These can only be taken once a friendly unit has trick or treated there. A unit may not trick or treat if it id inside a vehicle. (I don't know where you went as a kid but there were no drive throughs in my neighborhood) When one of your units get to an objective the first time at the end of the movement phase roll a d6 on the following chart.

1. That's not a pineapple. The jackhole in the house stuffed the candy bowl with grenades. Place a large blast template on the objective. It is S3 AP-. Regular rules for moral checks apply.
2. Pennies... really. The unit is pinned until the end of the next turn as they take time to TP the house with the crap treats.
3.Razors in the candy. Unit takes D3 wounds. No armor saves allowed as it it inside the models mouth
4. Armor piercing snack sized chocolate bars. Unit gets +1S to shooting until the next turn.
5.Sourheads. The unit is shocked at the sourness and has the rage USR until the end of the following turn
6. WHOOO SUGAR!!!! the unit gets furious charge and rending until the end of the next turn. "Don't mess with me old man I'm all jacked up on mountain dew!"

he he that should be some random fun going on there. There will be 2 more posted before the start date.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Check that out ----->>>

Yup guys I did It. To get more traffic for upcoming projects on this blog I have joined (hopefully) the BoLS alliace of blogs. Heres to more content in the future *cheers*

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What if it all goes away tomorrow?

So I haven't been keeping track of all the shenanigans going on at GW HQ in the last few months but I was at my FLGS yesterday and heard some news. Some rather... unsettling news.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Recruiting time

Alright I have come up with something that i think the local group will enjoy

I'm going to start a pyramid league.

Whats a pyramid league you say?
Its a king of the hill style league that is shaped like well... a pyramid

Everyone will start on the bottom tier to advance through to the next tier you must win your first game in the league until the next tier up is filled.

The number of tiers to the pyramid will depend on how many people we have participate

6 people will be a 3 tiered league 10 will be 4 and 15 will be 5 tiers to the pyramid.

There will be a $5 buy in for the league and the prize support will again depend on how many people we have playing. The prizes will be split 50% for first and 2 25% prizes for the players on the second tier.

Ok onto how this thing works.

At the beginning of the league everyone will get Challenge tokens. A challenge token will be used to challenge anyone higher on the pyramid than you are. So if you are on the 3rd lvl you wager a challenge token to try and knock someone off tier 2.

If you win your challenge you and the player you challenged swap places in the pyramid you also get the challenge token wagered. The victor takes his opponents spot and the loser moves down. Unless the player who won was already higher. If there is no player in the tier above you, you may challenge another player on your tier to advance up the pyramid.

These tokens will be given on the start of the league and will also be given out for participation of other events at the store. Like a tourney or mega game etc. usually held once per month

Their can be multiple challenges for the same slot and either there will be consecutive games played or you can elect to play a multi player game and the victor gets all the challenge tokens.

The game sizes will be dependent on what tier they are being fought over. These are adjustable if one of the players doesn't own an army of the right size.

Challenge at the top. The current top player chooses the point value
2nd tier 1500pts
3rd tier 1000pts
4th tier 750pts
5th tier 500pts

Now onto the important part.

Winning the league
To win the league a player must be at the top of the pyramid and have at least 3 challenge tokens.

This league is meant first and foremost to be a fun event for the store, get the local crowd back to the tables again and reinforce the love of pushing plastic army dudes across the tables at one another.

This all starts tomorrow so lets see if I can get the locals out and throwing dice around again.