Monday, January 21, 2013

Well that escalated quickly

Back from the deep depths of madness, I survived!

Wow it feels good to be back here again. Almost a whole year has gone by since my last post.

First thing i want to say is. Thank you to everyone who helped me through the dark times, held a sympathetic ear to my stories, picked me up when i thought i was at the bottom. Dragged me back from the edge of hell sometimes kicking and screaming. Thank you guys for the flood of emails i received over the last year with the encouraging words. (I didn't think there was that many of you who hung out in this corner of the Internet.) So with that out of the way... time for the abridged version of what I have been up to in the last year 40k wise of course.

Lets pick it up after i had my huge sell off of stuff back in may.
I dumped just about everything that day. So no more armies for me i was out. Or so I thought. I had a lump of cash in my pocket and the day after the tournament and my farewell to 40k I got a phone call. Well lucky me i got a job offer for a great paying job that starts early enough i will be able to pay my rent and get by comfortably.
What to do now? GO buy some plastic crack that's what! (if your here your addicted too) So I went to my FLGS and picked up 2 tactical squads and 2 drop pods. The first of what has now become a massive drop pod list but more on that later.

So i start building an army again and start going back to the store for games when suddenly a wild Commissar McClish appears and says we need to play in the feast of blades qualifier. So We do and we both qualify. Next thing I know were flying to Colorado for the invitational. After a weekend filled with gaming seeing old friends and freezing out Florida assess off. When the smoke cleared I came in 27th overall. 3rd place in the 4th bracket.

Then Ive made friends with a fellow 40k junkie and have been branching out in new directions. So here is just a sampling.

The interview was much longer but he says he wants to keep his channel clean for the kiddies and I respect him for that. I just know that there will eventually be hours and hours of editing my rants. You guys know how I am.

So with the lull that winter brings to gaming around here. (its the opposite for us, the rest of the world most people play in the winter because spring and summer are so nice to go outside. It finally gets bearable around here around November.) I thought what would be the best way to kick off 2013 right at the store. So with my usual understatedness This is what i started...

So when that posts in a few days I will definitely put a link up here for you guys. I have to give Chris credit because he has to go through hours and hours of video for this one.

Other than that I have grand ideas for a podcast in the near future. Oh god if Chris thinks he has to edit now.... Better have the dump button ready.

And further more I've started my commission service up again. Here's some shots of the last army i did for a friend.

So if you all want an army painted I'm your guy.

That's enough for now I suppose. In the future you can expect painting tutorials, army review, event coverage, pod casts, videos, and my general ranting on the Internet. So until later guys

Stay thirsty my friends

(god that felt good)

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